10 June 2008


Today we have several things to celebrate-

*Summertime weather! Finally!

*The launch of our very own bookclub blog!

*Tonite's meeting at E.K'.s to discuss EAST OF EDEN.

*The return of D.U. after a year-long hiatus!

*The very quick sale of "the other E's" house! I ran into J.M. this weekend at the Todd Farm flea market and she shared the good news.

See you all at 7pm tonite. I'm hoping we can use this blog as a way to extend our conversations, keep in touch, keep track of what we're reading etc. Bring your ideas!

1 comment:

Ann said...

Congratulations on your Book Club blog ... what a great idea!! And Thanks for the link to our site!

I loved The Sixteen Pleasures, and I think it's time that I re-nominate it for my book group. Thanks for the reminder.