07 July 2008


At work today I received a big red box in the mail from the American Booksellers Association. Independent bookstores (and publishing marketing departments) all over the US received the same box today...filled with all sorts of beautifully produced marketing pieces promoting IndieBound. IndieBound is a unique, community-oriented movement shaped by the American Booksellers Association that celebrates independent bookstores and promotes shopping locally. IndieBound provides both the message and the means for this celebration. Its beneficiaries are booksellers, consumers like us, publishers and other independent retailers. IndieBound seeks to enlighten consumers about the value of independent businesses. I don't have my digi camera with me, so i cannot show you what the box was filled with...but I promise I'll share in future posts. I do love several of the "spirit lines" they've used to communicate their message...
"Eat. Sleep. Read."
"Linking Locals"
"Peace. Love. Books."
"This is the part where I save the day"---that should be our mantra as we seek to keep Cape Ann's local businesses alive!
Let's keep each of these "spirit lines" in mind as we go about our Cape Ann days! Let's buy our books locally. Let's reinvigorate Gloucester's Main Street, let's stop going to the mall to see movies etc.
Time to sign off...i've got to go get my CSA veggie share from Farmer Dave at the Gloucester Community Center! See you all on the 15th! I'm bringing salad! BTW, if it's still playing...go to the Little Art Cinema to see "The Visitor". We loved it!

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