24 July 2008

QUICK BEFORE THE MUSIC STOPS: How Ballroom Dancing Saved My Life

Here's another book with a Gloucester connection. It's written by Helen Garland's daughter, Janet Carlson. She used to work with my dad at Town & Country and he was always so excited to tell us about Janet's many ballroom dancing awards! QUICK BEFORE THE MUSIC STOPS is featured in today's USA Today http://www.usatoday.com/life/books/reviews/2008-07-23-dancing_N.htm .

I had preordered the book and read it as soon as it arrived in my mailbox last week. It's hard reading a friend's memoir. I have several friends who have written memoirs or biographies of their family members and I think it's a whole lot easier to read one written by someone you don't know...will never know. I feel like a peeping tom reading my friend's inner feelings. Kudos to anyone with such honesty. Janet is a wonderful writer and this powerful story of the end of her marriage..and her rebirth thru ballroom dance is something all of us in our mid-years should be reading! Sign me up...where are there ballroom classes nearby???
Check out Janet's website at www.janetcarlson.net and enter to win the shoes featured on the cover of the book!

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