13 August 2008


Many thanx to SA for hosting a bookclub last nite, during which we were served two kinds of ice cream, two fruit pies, graham crackers and a bowl of fresh fruit... accompanied by French lemonade, wine, coffee and tea. Too bad there were only six of us there to enjoy it all.
We all loved PERSONAL HISTORY by Katharine Graham and SA had read KATHARINE GRAHAM: THE LEADERSHIP JOURNEY OF AN AMERICAN ICON by Robin Gerber so she was able to offer a slightly different perspective on this woman who we all agreed was pretty amazing! If only she had been born a few years later. She was ahead of her time, and unable to truly flourish because of that. The big question---what really went on between Kay and Warren Buffet??

Our next meeting (THE LACE READER) is September 16th at NT's house.
We highly recommend next weekend's Restorative Yoga classes at Yoga for Health. SA has a great carpenter she can recommend. JJ's son does a great job pulling weeds...and I'm sure we talked about more but I'm drawing a blank.

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