11 August 2008


Maybe some month we should "read" a cookbook for bookclub! What cookbook would you want to read? Check out this blog on the NY Times site

My favorite new (new to me) cookbook is Mark Bittman's HOW TO COOK EVERYTHING. We have been enjoying our veggies from Farmer Dave's CSA all summer long and Bittman's book is a great resource. I've long been a fan of all of the SILVER PALATE cookbooks, and of all the various BAREFOOT CONTESSA books, and I have two SOS cookbooks published by the LA Times eons ago that I refer to often too.

How about you-- What would you want to "read" for bookclub? Wouldn't it be fun to talk about food, coookbooks, recipes sometime this Fall or Winter?? Maybe we can each choose a book we already have on our shelf, or try out a new one (maybe we even lend our favorites to each other)..test some recipes...bring them to a pot-luck...see what conversations result.

What cookbooks do you use most often?

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