24 October 2008


Last nite I (and about 90 others who have a passion for sea glass) went to the Sawyer Free Library to hear C.S. Lambert talk about her brand new book A PASSION FOR SEA GLASS. 
Nine of the collectors she features in the book were there too, several of them showing off the amazing sea glass, shards, and porcelain doll parts that they have discovered scouring the beaches of Cape Ann. Which beaches?? Shhhhhhh! It's a big huge secret. 

About six years ago I went to hear C.K. speak about  her first book SEA GLASS CHRONICLES and at that event several people gave away the secrets of Cape Ann beach-combing. But last nite no one was sharing any details. One of the best places to find these treasures=right out the front door of our old downtown office! When? Stormy evenings under a full moon=ideal!  After last nite I am feeling quite inspired to go thru my jars, bowls and bottles of glass to sort it by color, look for heart shapes and plan for a mosaic shower wall (part of which is pictured on the book's jacket). Or maybe a mirror frame! Or maybe a chair rail! And most of all, I'm inspired to get back out to the beaches of Cape Ann. I want to find another doll leg...or better yet a little face! Or maybe some colorful marbles!

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