26 November 2008


This morning on the way to work I went by the wonderful Alexandra's Bread in downtown Gloucester to pick up the three baguettes I'd pre-ordered for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal. There's certainly no shop on Cape Ann that smells as good as Alexandra's! Not only is the bread the best in town, but the scones and macaroons are out of this world. I allowed myself a cranberry scone as a T-giving Eve treat! Alexandra's is also just about the most cheerful shop in town; filled to the brim with fabulous gifts for the holidays; oilcloth bags, Folly Cove Designers/silkscreened fabrics and amazing holiday cards, all sorts of jams, jellies and mustards, and lots of other stocking stuffers and ornaments. These "upcycled" turkeys are the cutest holiday decoration I've seen in years! Enjoy!

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