06 December 2008


Okay, so i know I said in yesterday's post that we were having breakfast today at Sugar Magnolia's. Well, I was wrong. And ohmigod was I wrong. Robert and I waited for half an hour for PGA and LDA to show up before I checked for a message on my cellphone. They were at Lobsta Land. Just as we'd planned way back on Tuesday. Mea Culpa! Lucky thing it's only about 5 minutes between the two, so we ended up getting there just as they were being served their abundant plates of eggs and pancakes. We quickly ordered so we could chow down too. It will take me a long long time to live this little snafu down. Eegads, I'm our social director. I'm our navigator. I don't make mistakes like this!

There is nothing more beautiful than the saltmarsh view from Lobsta Land's back window--especially in the wintertime. The saltmarsh view from behind Farnham's rivals it...but why can't I just adore both!?

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