07 December 2008


Altho' it's been a gorgeous snowy day it was not too snowy for a mid-day drive into Brookline. After getting my crockpot loaded with all of the ingredients for beef stew I hit the road. 128 looked like a winter wonderland! I had a lunch date with my dear friend NLH at her Brookline house which is a former stable, and afterwards we drove into Brookline Village to go to our author Jenn Mason's Shop Local event, at her newly restored stable/carriage house! Jenn is a very talented mixed-media artisan and has authored 6 craft books for us. Her house's Christmas decorations looked glorious! I came away with two treasures...a small gift for RK, and a glorious new "bingo card" sleigh ride decoration which now hangs on our kitchen sideboard! A quick ride home on a no longer snowy Rt. 128...to a hungry RK and our hearty beef stew-cooked to perfection, if i must say so myself!

(darn blogspot and its inability to make my hotlinks work...urgh.... i've tried to make this a hotlink but it won't work www.JennMason.blogspot.com )

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