28 January 2009


Yup! It's snowing again. We have had over a foot of snow blanketing our backyard since New Year's Eve...maybe longer. Our driveway is solid ice. It's been so cold, and we've had so much snow that it's really never gotten to be yucky old snow looking. We are truly experiencing a New England winter. No January thaw this year. Just think...two years ago we had a week in January when we could wear t-shirts. A week during which the Forsythia got spooked into blooming. Not this year! The dogs have carved slick bobsled-like runways throughout the backyard...and they never deviate from this racecourse. They really don't mind the snow at all. They love to run around outdoors in this weather...even when it's brutally cold! Their furcoats have certainly come in handy this winter. This storm started in the wee hours of this morning. It's now 1pm and any minute they're predicting that it will turn into freezing rain. Slush or ice? That's the big question. That and a sinus infection are why I've stayed home today. When will spring be here? Sunshine? Humidity? Flowers? Green grass? That's a question we're all asking!

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