18 January 2009


I'm losing count...but i think this is storm #5. After a week of frigid temps down near zero today seemed incredibly warm at 28 degrees. It was great to be outside. And I'm quite surprised that we didn't run into many sledders during our glorious walk thru Stage Fort Park and along the boulevard. Afterwards we came home to watch We Are One: the Obama Inaugural Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial. Awesome--especially The Boss and Pete Seeger singing This Land Is Your Land! Words and music about unity, peace, history and our future presented by an all star lineup. I've been crying joyful tears since it started!

According to WHDH News we are on track for one of the snowiest winters in history. We'll see another storm on Inauguration Day! If only we could stay home on a snowday from work to watch every single minute of it!

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