23 March 2009


...so being on the beach with my dogs is bliss! Here we are a few weekends ago on Singing Beach. Phoebe wasn't thrilled to be there that day. When we first got there she made a run for it back thru the parking lot and down the street. Robert ran fast to catch up with her and finally caught up with her. Once we got down to the water's edge she was much happier! Oh...Spring is looking so good right now. If only it would make a full-time appearance! And if only the pups could run on the beach all year round!

Today Phoebe was diagnosed with Diabetes. Our wonderful vet, Donna Heaney DVM, said it might go away once she loses some weight. She said "she's lost her waist and she's getting love handles." We are going to have to inject her with insulin 2X a day and have her blood tested every few weeks. And the worst part of it all is that she'll have to forgo her endless supply of treats. Baby carrots and pumpkin are going to have to become her treat of choice! And, if we ever notice her going into a diabetic shock we'll have to give her a slug of Karo syrup--yuck!

It's amazing that we even knew she wasn't doing well. Somehow she told us. Let's just hope that once the insulin kicks in she starts doing better. Our beloved Phoebe doesn't deserve to be sick!

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