13 April 2009


Last year we hosted Easter brunch at our house. This year AJ & DM hosted Easter at theirs (see yesterday's post.) Last year we extended the length of our table by adding a vintage card table from Evie's home to the end. This year AJ's centerpiece was a beautiful vintage glass planter (in a soft yellow tint) with tiny glass baskets that had come from Evie's extensive collection of tabletop decor! AJ had placed little Easter egg candles and ornaments in each of the baskets. Colorful bunnies and chicks "stuffed" with chocolate truffles rounded out the Easter decor. 'Twas a very festive table! And I think it's wonderful that reminders of our matriarch/"grandmother" Evie join us at the holiday table now that she's unable to make the trip out to Cape Ann.

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