29 November 2009


It's Sunday nite...and tomorrow morning i'm back to work. I'm grateful for a job that I love. And i'm extremely grateful for fabulous friends and family...and for RK, my fabulous partner in life! We've had a truly special long weekend and it will take several posts in my diary to cover it all. I'll start at the beginning...

Wednesday was dedicated to prep work and a trip to Tender Crop Farm in Rowley to pick up our 17-pound turkey. Thursday was all about cooking and eating. We were 11 for the meal...plus 2 for dessert. Thanks to an extra (rental) table and (rental) chairs and a bit of furniture switcheroo we managed to seat everyone without being too packed in.

We cooked the bird (The Barefoot Contessa's Perfect Turkey complete with pan roasted root veggies and onions), the dressing (featuring Trupiano's sausage) and the cranberry relish. Plus RK made his famous corn pudding! We had perfect little cobbles from Alexandra's Bread and an apple pie from Tender Crop. Everyone brought something...wild mushrooms wrapped in collard greens, sweet potato fries, creamed onions, brussell sprouts, pumpkin pie, sweet potato mini-cakes with cream cheese frosting...and lots of vino. Lots of cousins...in various combinations/permutations, plus our great friend BBB, one from the next generation, one aunt, one uncle, & my mom. Great food, solid teamwork, lots of laughs...a good time was had by all (except for the pups who were banished to our bedroom!)

To cousin WM we wish a speedy recovery! Addison Gilbert's not the place one wants to be for the weekend.

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