03 January 2010


This year our Christmas celebration spanned several days--our holiday celebration spanned several weeks. RK was in VA for the first Kent family Christmas after beloved Kathy's untimely death. (Our backyard holly planted in honor of Kathy is abloom with berries beneath a blanket of snow.) LDA and I celebrated quietly at home. Xmas Eve we partied with our Medford family in celebration of Baby A's first Christmas. We brought Phoebe (thinking she'd be a good party girl) which probably wasn't such a smart idea after all.

Breakfast and presents at home with just me and LDA on Christmas day--special moments of a holiday music and movie filled weekend -- a very special peaceful mother/daughter time.

Christmas dinner on Rowley Shore featuring a fabulous boeuf, bouche and presents by the fire! Just four of us this year.

RK arrived home from VA after midnite on Saturday (aka Sunday morning!)--quietly sneaking into a sleeping house Santa-style! We all woke up early and had our annual Christmas strata with eggnog, stockings and even more gifts.

This year our tree was in the corner of the kitchen. I think it was our best tree ever! Our little (faux) RAA tree was in the living room alongside our little "peace" mantle featuring our tree collection.

Wonderful gifts for all. Gifts of Jacques Torres and Chocolate Springs chocolates. Homemade jams, jellies and vinaigres. Mine was a truly Lilly Christmas with my "In the Slim" dress, duffle and cosmetic bag. Wouldn't Daddy have loved all this!? Lots of bling. A pink cashmere treat. Scrappy-like Tervis Tumblers. Lots to read. Sweet smelling lotions and potions. Music and more.

RK's was all about the vintage-like record player (which we certainly put to good use a few nites ago on New Year's Eve), good reads, and more! And for LDA...lots of warm and fluffy gifts! As always the pups and kit kats were in the holiday spirit too.

At noontime we moved over to Wolf Hill for a yummy family brunch, wonderful presents and the Patriot's game.

And Christmas weekend ended late that afternoon with a visit from PGA and CCA followed by chowder and more at The Causeway.

Although I had to go to work the week between Christmas and New Year's the holiday spirit endured. Tuesday nite the entire Thin Book Club minus one dined at The Franklin. It was a really chilly nite...absolutely frigid temps and brutal winds. Yummy food and great company. A nice new tradition.

We had a White Christmas tho' it was pretty warm and mushy. Since Christmas we've gotten an entire new delivery of white stuff! It's been snowing for days and days. We had a snowy New Year's Eve with JJ, BD and SD. Dinner at Horizon then back to our house for board games, champagne and Daddy's record collection on the new record player. Tons of fun with good friends.

Lots of food, lots of laughs, lots of gifts...and lots of family and friends. All wonderful! Just what a holiday should be! The 2010 work year starts tomorrow. It's a snowy Sunday and I'm still in my PJs at 3:15 pm. It's still snowing...over a foot by now. RK did the shoveling while i took down the tree and put away almost all signs of the holiday. I must admit that as much as i love bringing out a lifetime's worth of fabulous holiday decor...i love putting clearing it all away to start the year freshly anew!

RK's watching football as I blog. I've been doing laundry for hours and the end still isn't in sight. I haven't cracked open a book, nor have I knit a stitch since Wednesday or so. So much for good intentions. We haven't even started to write our Christmas cards. Eegads. It's the first time we've ever not-mailed them before Xmas. Thank you notes need to be written first--kind of out of sequence but so be it. I'm not going to sweat the small stuff.

Last nite's pot roast needs to be reheated. It's time to stop eating chocolate and comfort foods and it's time to face my resolutions for 2010! More on them later! Just suffice it to say that tomorrow's a pretty important anniversary!

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