14 June 2008



"He had done his homework, so we didn't have to do ours. We longed to hear what his take on world events was."--Ethel Kennedy

Tim Russert was an amazing human being and I will truly miss his guidance via NBC during this year's election and in the years to come. Ethel Kennedy's statement (above) pretty much sums it all up for me.

I suggest that we add his book BIG RUSS AND ME to our list of future reads. This book is surely filled with life lessons for all of us. Here's the book's website. Check it out!


Marie Louise said...

I am just discovering your blog and all the books you've read. I always seem to fall asleep in the evenings after a page or two, taking me weeks to get through one book. That's what juggling work and family gets you. I will have to figure out how you ladies do it!

gloucestermary said...

I used to be able to read in the evenings, but that's harder and harder to do. My prime reading time is from about 3-4am when the house is totally silent.