21 October 2008


Election Day is November 4! Help motivate your friends, family and others in your community to vote by spreading the AIGA Get Out the Vote campaign. AIGA invited designers from across the United States to create nonpartisan posters—and YouTube submissions—that inspire the American public to participate in the electoral process and vote for a presidential candidate in the 2008 general election.
To download a poster, click on any of the thumbnail images below (at left). To print, just click on the larger version on the right to download a PDF of the poster(s) of your choice. You can also:
Buy a set of limited edition posterspreview the 24 designs selected for professional printing and national distribution.
Visit the Get Out the Vote exhibition at the AIGA National Design Center.
View the video of 50 selected posters that were on view in Denver and Minneapolis during the national conventions.
View AIGA’s Get Out the Vote YouTube page.

The photos above show several of these fabulous posters that my friend RG hung around Rockport and Gloucester. (she also took the photos.)
It's vital that we encourage everyone we know to cast their ballot two weeks from today. Every vote counts. The following is a snippet from today's Shelf Awareness e-newsletter. The US should fine miscreants too! After the election we'll probably hear that more people voted for last night's Dancing with the Stars contestants than voted in the general election. That's pathetic. Urgh.
"Incidentally it seemed that in conversations with foreigners, sooner or later the presidential election came up, usually with some version of this question, always put diplomatically, "Who do you think will win?"A publisher from Australia noted that voting is compulsory Down Under (miscreants are fined) and expressed frustration that so many Americans don't vote even though our government's actions affect so many things worldwide. She suggested that she and others be given the votes of those here who don't cast ballots.Who are they all rooting for? His name begins and ends with a vowel."--Shelf Awareness 10/21/08 (from an article about the Frankfurt Book Fair)

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