06 December 2008


Awesome Antipasti, Chicken Parm, Lobster & Scallop Ravioli with Tomato/Vodka Sauce and lots more at Il Faro Ristorante Italiano...followed by a spectacle of snow & ice & sparkly decor (including angels, owls, unicorns, & men in sequined jackets) en route home to Rascal's pad for chocolate peppermint biscotti. coffee and chat! Huge thanks to M&N for a wonderful winter evening! (and I must give credit for several of the winter wonderland photos to Nicco! The iPhone seems to have done better than my Leica!) (n.b. All of this snow & ice is quite amazing considering we have yet to have a winter storm. The temps aren't even below freezing yet. These folks have created all of this without the benefit of true winter weather yet...altho' we may actually wake up to two inches in the morning...or so says Dylan on WHDH!)

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