06 December 2008


Thirteen years ago we lived and worked in Los Angeles. I worked at Dove Books and we were immersed in everything O.J. I started at Dove the day we published Faye Resnick's book about Nicole Brown Simpson. As the trial went on (The People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson)more proposals started to pour in. I would have thought we'd stop there...but no, we went on to publish an entire library of books to do with the case.

Thirteen years ago yesterday O.J. was acquitted. We soon signed the jury foreman and several other jurors (Armanda Cooley, Carrie Bess and Marsha-Rubin Jackson) to "write" their book Madame Foreman: A Rush to Judgement?. They were in our offices often, and one day they brought in the afghans that they had knitted and/or crocheted during the long trial (during which they were sequestered in a local hotel.) I might not agree with their decision to acquit O.J., but I do think they're very talented crafters! I bought several of these exquisite blankets. We gave several away as wedding gifts but we held on to two. And we still have them. Look at the name tags! These are two rather odd souvenirs of our ten years in Los Angeles. Thirteen years later the People of the State of Nevada have successfully put O.J. away for at least nine years. Finally! I wonder if those jurors were crafters too?

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