20 December 2008


It started to snow yesterday at about 1:30. RK got out of work at noon, we were let out at 2:30, and thank goodness we both got home without any difficulties. We took advantage of these extra few hours to bring our petite but gorgeous Christmas tree into the house. For us, compared to most years, the set up was easy! No arguements this year! We went back out at 6pm to meet friends at Alchemy for a festive evening of cosmos, nachos and brick oven pizzas. Downtown was empty, but beautiful. There were a few other groups at the bar. No one on the restaurant side. it seemed like midnite went we left, but in fact it wasn't even 10pm. The roads were empty but easy to navigate in our Subaru so we decided to take our annual driving tour of the Christmas lights on Resevoir Road. The lights all around town were sparkly and sooo Christmas-y, and as always, Cherry St. and Resevoir Road did not let us down. The entire town of Gloucester was magical!

We were up early to get the pups off the K9 Kuts for their Christmas grooming. Thank goodness we have a short driveway! We decided to treat ourselves to a hearty breakfast at Sugar Magnolia before heading home to put the lights on the tree. We went back into town to pick up our two beautiful and happy pups, and when they came home they had their first snow frolic of the year. They love it! They should have had their coats on! It's now 2:15 and the snow continues to fall! It's thigh-high in places!

Tonite we'll either venture into Rockport for their fabulous annual pageant...or we'll get lazy and stay home to trim the tree, cozy by our fire! The pageant will be more picturesque than ever in the snow, but it promises to be freezing cold! Brrrrr.... Another storm coming in tomorrow.

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