22 January 2009


Okay, I admit it. I'm addicted. I want to read everything that's written about Michelle and Barack Obama, and their girls. I want to watch all of the news coverage, read all of the political blogs and newspapers. And...i want to hear about their daily lives! And most of all...i want to know what Michelle is wearing! I do believe that she is not just the New Jackie O....she'll ultimately have more influence on fashion, parenting, homekeeping than Jackie ever had. And...I truly hope that she sets new standards for working women/women in the workplace. My friend Deb and I went on a quest yesterday to find a blog that covers Michelle's fashion choices...and here's what we came up with; Mrs. O

www.mrs-o.org is probably one of many...and if there are more I'll find them! A new obsession. Another blog to add to my daily read!

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