24 February 2009


This past weekend we drove into Beantown to spend the afternoon with the Amazing Evie. She was looking as lovely as ever! Here she is with my own beautiful mother [whose pic is in the March 09 issue of Vanity Fair on page 303 (circa 1960 but i think it might be earlier)].

I think between my mom and Evie they've shopped opposite ends of the Clairol color spectrum! But only their hairdressers know!

We talked about picnics, digi cameras, and Michelle Obama's glorious lemongrass Inaugural outfit. We reminisced about meeting Julia Child about 8 or 9 years ago at a ladies lunch. We talked about family and friends. Her mind is pretty sharp...altho' she did have a bit of a tough time IDing Obama on the Vanity Fair cover. "He looks familiar...but...." And she did confuse RK with a nephew; asking how his farm was doing! Hmmmm....what farm!?

I just hope I'm doing as well at Evie's age!

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