26 February 2009


Last nite was Wednesday. On a typical Wednesday evening RK and I are at home on our couch in front of the fire or TV. But not last nite! Last nite we took a fabulous cooking class at Ned's Groceria (24 Washington Street in Gloucester). www.nedsgroceria.com

Fabulous fun, wonderful people, delicious food and great wines. And we learned something! Does it get much better than that?! (and it was healthy too!)

The delightful Rosalie Harrington www.rosaliecooks.com led the class. She guided us thru several different fritattas (I got to make one with proscuitto, carmelized onions and asparagus), stuffed peppers (featuring her Nona's meatball recipe as stuffing for the peppers) and a panna cotta with pears. She also showed us two amazingly simple but totally delish salads; oranges drizzled with EVOO and Balsamic Vinaigre and cantaloupe with lemon and pepper. Ohmigod did i love every single bite. There were about twelve of us including the amazing Ned and we sat at a long table sharing our food family style. We had a great selection of wines (i loved the NZ Sauvigon Blanc) and Ned's homemade Irish Brown Bread and a crispy baguette. We went around the table introducing ourselves; a lawyer, a publicist, a columnist for the GDT, a fisherwoman, a restauranteur and others! A great group of local folks--all foodies like us! It was so much fun that we'll surely do it again in a few weeks when Rosalie and Ned are back from their respective travels. This Saturday nite RK and I will recreate the same dinner--then we'll sit in front of the fire and watch TV!
(note that the pic of Ned's here is from her website, the pic of the food is mine...taken with my Blackberry after several glasses of vino!)

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