11 February 2009


It's the 11th of February and Spring is finally in the air....sort of! Today the mercury soared close to (maybe beyond) fifty degrees. I felt liberated leaving the house without a winter coat, scarf, boots or socks! We even left many windows open when we left for work. The pups wanted a taste of Spring too!

I arrived home to a yard and driveway free of snow for the first time since before Christmas, and a gift from my lovely mother...a box sent from Florida with brand new shooz in my favorite shades of green...emerald and kiwi! (SB calls the colors Nephrite and Pomme.) And unlike my many pairs of Jack Rogers these Bonanno Sandals were custom made for me with my MAD monogram. Thank goodness i finally treated myself to a much needed bright red pedi last Saturday.

Check out www.StephenBonanno.com for a glimpse of the fabulous colors and styles these sandals come in. I want them all!

I'm not so sure I'll be wearing my new sandals soon...but a girl can dream, can't she?! I can dream of wearing white jeans and sandles. I can dream of driving around in my Kiwi Bug with an open sunroof. I can dream about what we'll plant in the garden. I can dream of Farmer Dave and our CSA. I can dream of the Annisquam Sea Fair. I can dream of fresh flowers in vases throughout the house. I can dream of afternoons at Plum Cove Beach and evening BBQs in our own backyard. I can dream of Fiesta.

I am done with winter and I have begun to dream of Spring...constantly!

(BTW, they're not as big as they look...it's just the way i was standing when I took the pic!)

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