09 February 2009


It's one of my favorite TV nites of the year. Today is the first day of the 2009 Westminster Dog Show TV coverage. This is a must-see in person for my bucket list. In the meantime, tonite we struggled to watch it without Scrappy catching on. Alas, a rawhide chewy could not keep him away. How is it that Scrappy does not miss a thing that it televised?? He sat on the couch and watched/listened to Barack's Press Conference...but when we switched to the dog show he went ballistic...jumping from the floor up to the TV screen about 4 feet into the air...maybe more! All the while, barking like crazy!!

Phoebe does not notice a thing. She neither sees, nor hears the TV. But she'll often wonder what Scrappy's going nuts about and will look around to see what's up. It's not just dogs on TV that set Scrappy off...it's any animal, any animated character (especially the little Muscinex bug), and many sporting events! He's nuts.

A gorgeous Scottie has just won the terrier class; Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot is her (his?) name. Not a winning night for the cute little Parson Russell. Bummer!

The AKC has just announced the ten most popular breeds. No Parson or Jack on the list :-( The lab is #1. The Yorkie is #2.

Check out www.americankennelclub.org for more on the dog show. It's a must see!!

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