08 February 2009


I missed the inauguration by a few weeks...but it was still an amazing thrill to be in DC in January 2009! I also missed the crowds, and I missed the freezing temps! I loved seeing KP and I loved playing tourist! We had a fabulous long catching-up lunch at The Capitol Grill (calamari, tuna, aspargus and blueberry sorbet), and a fabulous Vietnamese dinner (Pho). In just a few days I was able to visit the White House lawn three times (no, I'm not a stalker!!), the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian (American History), The Newseum (awesome...more on that later!), and the Vietnam & World War II Memorials. I shed a lot of tears; tears of joy as I thought about the next eight years with Washington's newest residents Barack, Michele and the girls.. and proud tears as I thought of my father (US Army) and my Uncle Peter (US Navy) when I visited the WWII Memorial--especially when I read the Pearl Harbor plaque.

From a distance I was thrilled to see The Capitol and the Jefferson Memorial. The Capitol certainly stands proudly over it all. During my first evening in town Kathy and I drove around enjoying the the memorials all lit up. By day I covered a lot of terrain on foot. I certainly got my exercise!

I've been to DC for biz and as a tourist many times before...but it's never been like this! I want to go back...
KP, thanks for hosting me! It was so much fun to see you. I hope you had a successful week with your pitch! And thank you so much for the wonderful gifties from Africa! We love them! Come visit Gloucester soon!

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