12 March 2009


When we first brought our kitten Frank home from the Cape Ann Animal Shelter about 3-1/2 years ago, Ivy (now almost 15 years old)wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. For two years she hissed at him whenever he came close. They'd get into some nasty tangles if he tried to encroach on her napping couch or kitchen counter. But in the last year they've formed a very strong bond. They are side by side all day and all nite long. I'm not sure who's in charge, but my guess is that Ivy is...even tho' Frank thinks he rules the entire household. Ivy has always liked a morning sink drink. And in the past few months she's taught Frank to take part too. We cannot brush our teeth without a cat in the way...and today...two cats kept me from brushing my teeth when I first woke up! (taken with my Blackberry so it's not too clear...i had to catch them quickly!)

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