15 March 2009


I love this little guy! And I swear...at 2-1/2 months he's almost talking! I know that I heard him say real words! E-trade Baby you'd better watch out. Here comes Baby A.

We celebrated day #3 of RK's birthday with M & N, and baby A over a delicious feast at Il Faro last nite. Afterwards, M & N gifted RK with an amazing Sacher Torte from the Danish Pastry House in Medford. I ate wisely at Il Faro ordering a simple yet tasty grilled chicken breast over greens which enabled me to have a small piece of the cake and a dollop of Green & Black Organic Chocolate ice cream for dessert when we got back to the A-Ms' house. A girl can't diet 24/7/365! I knew I'd want cake and ice cream so I didn't have any wine with dinner. And it was well worth it!

Today marks 2-1/2 months since I started my workout regime and new healthy eating regime. Thanks to Fitness Together in Beverly, in the same time it's taken Baby A to grow to 14 pounds, i've lost that much weight and then some! I wonder if I can continue to lose at the same rate that he grows! I'll use him as my benchmark!
(note...pic taken with my Blackberry. Note to self...clean the lens!)

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