28 September 2009


Just look at this dog. Do you see sweet? Naughty? Curious?
When we adopted Scrappy from Jack Russell Rescue almost 8 years ago I wanted to name him Arthur but the saintly Dale Mountan prevailed! She told me that an Arthur had to be dignified...and that Scrappy was just that...scrappy...and could never live up to the name Arthur! She was right!
This weekend was just one more day on our long list of adventures with Scrappy. On Saturday during a walk on Niles Beach, unbeknownst to Robert, he ate a bone...but luckily he didn't swallow it. Nope..instead, somehow this bone became lodged in his mouth. He was in misery...scruffling his shnoz on the ground (scruffling means walking on your nose in dog lingo)...refusing to drink etc. Then we noticed blood on his face and on his paws. Robert held him while i tried to shine a flashlight in his mouth to see what i could find...to no avail.
Thank goodness Dr. French at Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital was open...our usual vet was not. They agreed to see us right away and swept us into our own exam room the minute we arrived carrying our pretty miserable pup. Two vet tech gals came right in...and moments later one of them pried his mouth open...saw what she was looking for and quickly grabbed it out! Four inches of bone...straight with a little hook-like-thingee at the end. Poor baby dog! Daring young vet tech! Our hero! We'll never know what kind of bone; fish? chicken? animal? Someone's picnic refuse (please don't litter our beaches people! Bring it in, carry it out!) or something more organic?
Scrappy was very good with the vet tech(s). He didn't growl or nip or battle her in any way. But...then Dr. French walked in to make sure he was AOK. Scrappy would not let the doctor near him....absolutely not! He'd had enough fun for one day.
All's well that ends well. And will he learn? Probably not! Will we watch more carefully while on our beach walks? You betcha! He's a full fledged Scrappy and we should never forget it!
A big thanks to Dr. French and the gals who support him at Cape Ann Veterinary Hospital! We love you!

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Anonymous said...

Oh want an adorable picture and I am very glad Scrappy is okay. One of my favorite stories is when Lucky got bit by a copperhead he turned around and bit the snake back......actually got the snake by the neck and would not let go. Life with out a Jack Russell would be so boring...ha...ha!