03 October 2009


(nb...i started this post on October 3rd and never finished it til today, November 15th...when i pretty much rewrote the entire thing) It's the middle of November. It's chilly and bleak. Today while surfing the radio dial I came across the 24/7 Christmas Carol station. It's been over two months since Patrick Swayze lost his life to pancreatic cancer. It's been more than two months since the greens and blues of Summer became the yellows, oranges and greys of Autumn. Just a bit more than two months ago the leaves were just starting to turn. Now they've almost all fallen from the trees. Just over two months ago I packed a bathing suit in my duffel bag (but never took the plunge). Today I wore a parka, wool scarf and boots to the beach. It's been more than two months since I tapped back into my creative soul during Squam Art Workshops' Fall edition. 

This time around I was blessed to be one of the Golden Girl of Eldorado. No Sophia, Rose, Blanche or Dorothy amongst us. The 2009 cast featured me, Kirsty, Carol, Mary Beth, two Susans, Peg, Kelley, Barbara, Gretchen, and Jenny. We clicked that first nite by the glorious fire, and we never stopped talking, sharing or laughing. Two coffee pots, a tea kettle, chocolate, chips and lots of wine kept us going 'round the clock. We were painters, knitters, jewelry creators, photographers, writers and mixed-media masters. We came to Eldorado from CA, New England, Alberta, OK, MO, MD, and VA.  http://jennydoh.typepad.com/crescendo/2009/09/knitting-with-a-twig.html

By day I tapped into my newly discovered creative soul.  Nurtured by the fabulous Lisa Occhipinti, Sarah Ahern, Christine Mason Miller and Marisa Haedike (and of course the magnificent Elizabeth MacCrellish--Czarina of Squam) I was urged to think outside of the box; play with  all sorts of new mediums; integrate paint, patterns, colors, found objects text & image; and create a book in a day! I learned the joy of keeping an art journal. I found new uses for ephemera and old photos. I spent the three days of workshops in my paint splattered apron, my hands covered with glue, listening to great music (the amazing Jonatha Brooke live by the bonfire our first nite, and some fun ipod mixes during class) and making wonderful new friends. It was bliss. Bliss 2 hours from home. (And did I mention the food?!)

I am in love with Squam Lake and all that surrounds it; woods and mountains everywhere. No cell service. There's a glorious sky from dawn thru sunset.  Light that only a painter can capture...a camera can't come close. The air is scented with pine cones and a freshness no fabric softener could ever duplicate. No streetlights, no honking horns. Ice from an ice house and lovely luminarias in ice. Loons lulled us to sleep each night. I am in love with Rockwold-Deephaven camps. When we were more Rockywold-centered in June I couldn't imagine that Deephaven could be just as spectacular! How could i love any other cabin just as much as I did Satis?

The first Monday of January 2010 I will bounce out of bed bright and early to check the Squam Art Workshops  website so that I can sign up for June and September. I'm already starting to ponder the type of classes i'll choose for June. Will i want to knit? Or sew? And what about September...do i dare leap headfirst into painting? I know that when i hit Rt. 93 headed North that first Wednesday in June I'll be really nervous. What if I don't know anyone? What if I'm not as talented as everyone else? I now know that those are foolish thoughts. No matter what happens I'll have an amazing adventure. I'll meet wonderful people. I'll find little bits of talent hidden deep within me. I'll have an absolute blast and I'll return home beaming. Damn...it's a long time between now and June. 

{Affirmations courtesy of Marisa and Christine.  Woodland creations courtesy of artisan elves. Fanciful fascinator (and everything else good) courtesy of the ladies who make SAW come together. Odes to PS courtesy of ??? Those same elves perhaps.}

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