08 November 2009


Five weeks ago yesterday i tore my ACL and Meniscus while walking down our granite bulkhead/cellar stairs during the delivery of our new Electrolux washer & dryer. When not at the office, it's been five weeks of mostly rest & relaxation--under doctor's orders!-- which means I've had lots of time for knitting and a bit of quilting.  It's been a real treat to sit in my leather armchair by the fire knitting for hours on end! I haven't felt too guilty that I'm not doing yardwork, or laundry or housecleaning. It's laundry that got me into this knee-thing in the first place!

I've knocked off several hats; 2 chemo caps for cousin Tracey (one of which is modeled herewith by Phoebe), a striped birthday hat for cousin Carolyn, and a pom-pom topped hat for myself. I've finished the floofy skirt that I started when I was at SAW in September. And last Monday I took a lace class at Yarns in the Farms (this iphone photo taken Halloween evening just moments after completing the skirt! Yarns in the Farms was my first destination once I could drive again after 4 weeks of being chauffeured around by RK and friends) and by Wednesday nite I'd finished a glorious lavender cashmere neck-warmer. Part two of the class is tomorrow nite and I cannot wait to pick out another cashmere so I can make another one of these luscious cowls. I've got my eye on a pretty green yarn!

 I also have a small sampler quilt in the works, and several other hat and scarf  projects to finish within the next month. At the rate my knee is healing i'll have lots of opportunity to get these projects completed by the holidays!


Anonymous said...

I love the hat on Phoebe!!!! and I do believe are dogs may be related they look so much alike. I hope your knee is healing. I love all the wonderful things you have made.

Kathy said...

We love people who use craft therapy to heal! Won't you join us for some inspiring and crafty stories at www.CraftForHealth.com

Be well!
Kathy, founder of Craft For Health!

GreenPea said...

Hope your knee is better very soon. Enforced craft time can be wonderful. I dream about it when I'm at work. Lovely cowl...