21 December 2009


It's true. I'm an addict. Not the hard stuff...merely cashmere. I'm in love with it...in any form--sweaters, gloves, hats, cowls and big cozy scarves. You just can't be in a funk if you're wearing cashmere.

I'm also addicted to knitting. Knitting with cashmere...my god...that's bliss! Why knit with anything else?! (urgh..price...that's why!)

Here's my latest completed project; a Lobster Pot Cashmere neck-warmer in a really pretty not too red-red. The only bummer...it's not for me. It's for RK's mom Jeanne and it has already been wrapped up and sent off in a box to VA. (Thank goodness i have a similar one in lavender that I wore today!) I'm now making another one just like Jeanne's for my own mom (shhhh!) in the very same color.

I need a solid block of knitting time between now and Friday and that's going to be hard to find.
I might just have to spend lunch tomorrow at Yarns in the Farms. "Eat. Sleep. Knit."--a motto I subscribe too!

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