21 December 2009


My father loved "works of art." They didn't have to be masterpieces...anything fun, funky, well designed or homemade was a true work of art in his mind. He adored his friend Lilly, and he adored the "look" that she made so popular. He photographed her and her fashions many times. There's one iconic photo (note to self... find a copy.) of Lilly-clad women in Palm Beach. And I'm sure if I pore thru my scrapbooks there's a few pix of me and my mom in our Lillys. Altho' i loved my shifts, my bell bottomed pink & green print pants circa 1973 or 74 were my absolute faves!

Lilly Pulitzer fabrics are truly works of art! And now there's a print inspired by my father's iconic photo. Wow...would he be over the moon! Check out the woman on the raft in the "In the Slim" print swatch shown on the Lilly Pulitzer website.
She might have been inspired by this Christmas-y pic of my mom on a raft...taken by my dad circa 1955 in Los Angeles (note the Hollywood sign in the background.) (image copyright Getty Images, now appearing in the Taschen LOS ANGELES coffee-table book)

This weekend my mother and went to the Newbury Street In the Pink shop where we were thrilled to see very summery shifts, totes, duffles and more in this oh-so-colorful "In the Slim" fabric. Memories of matching mother-daughter shifts circa 1965 flashed before my eyes!

Palm Beach comes to Cape Ann! What better way to celebrate my newly discovered "in the slim" waistline than to find an "In the Slim" shift under the Xmas tree!? Doubly significant!

In the Pink's Jessica could not have been cuter, nor more helpful! (Another note to self...always stay away from the big box stores. Shop little boutiques where true customer service still shines.) What fun we all had together trying on clothes, taking pictures...and thinking of Spring!

Oh how I wish they sold this pretty fabric by the yard!

From the Lilly website...
In The Slim

I mean, really. Are we THAT GOOD??!??!?!? No, we just know where our roots are. Inspired by the most amazing and revered photographer of the Lilly Pulitzer/Palm Beach era, we have taken iconic moments in time and translated them into a delightful toile. This print is a milestone. Whenever we look at this print we think… YES. Love it. Very close to perfect.…

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