06 January 2010


Here it is...January 6th. I have a clean slate of vacation days and personal days. They're already burning a hole in my pocket. How will I "spend" them this year?!
We have our annual August weekend on the Cape already booked. It's TFD's big birthday year and she's talking Paris. It's LDA's even bigger birthday year and she's talking all sorts of things. YITF is talking about a bamboo sisterhood trip to Tuscany. We've got to do work in NY to get the house ready for sale. But most of all i want to go to Squam Art Workshops...three or four of the five!

Last year i went in June and September. That's all that was offered. This year the Amazing Elizabeth has planned five different sessions; four in NH, and one in Nags Head (one of our all time favorite destinations!) She's concocted a bounty of creativity and even some time for reading and yoga.
Thank goodness we have no pixies or i'd want to go to all five sessions which would render us broke and without any time off to attend to family obligations etc!
I can't wait to see old friends. I can't wait to meet new ones. I can't wait to turn several of my good friends onto this great opportunity.

So now I've got to balance my checkbook...and get out my calendar. The first thing i need to mark on my calendar! I've got to get my registrations postmarked by then (or is it postmarked the day before to arrive then? Gotta check that out!)

I truly wish there could be a January SAW! Snowshoeing, knitting, cocoa...

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