03 February 2010


I am in awe of my cousin TFD. She is soooo brave. She is a loving daughter, a great sister, an amazing mom, a fabulous wife... and a wonderful cousin!

T has an inner strength that has enabled her to keep a smile on her face as she's battled that rotten C. She is on the road to recovery after six months of hell. The new year has brought an end to icky treatments. The fog is clearing and as Spring flowers will soon start to peep thru...so will her hair. She's had to put her writing project on the back burner for bit but she's taken up knitting.

I love staying with T, M and L in their NYC home. I love our late nites and early mornings lying on the bed chatting. I love the fabulous lattes that Michel serves up. I love the kitties. I love the artwork.

They were such gracious hosts when i descended upon their NYC home last week for two days....even hosting a little family "do" so I could see Uncle D and Cousin R too! How fab is that?! Two days of biz with a little dinner party in between. And two nights spent snug in my bed with the Empire State Building shining down on me.

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