03 February 2010


G had me and L in stitches while we watched the Golden Globes!

Check out how the water runs from the top of the hill down to the lower gardens!

And look at those rain clouds behind us!

Water seemed to be a common theme wherever I went!

A few weeks ago I spent a long weekend in Los Angeles. Since returning home, i've gotten several notes from friends pleading for my return...soon. It seems that I'm the cure for drought. Bring me to SoCal and it will rain. HARD. A true deluge! And ohmigod was I chilly. Somehow snowy New England is alot warmer than rainy SoCal. I even had to go out and buy a raincoat and umbrella...two things RK told me I wouldn't need to bring...even tho' we had read the weather report. We just didn't believe it!

I had a fabulous time visiting old haunts, and old friends. It was a great little trip down memory lane. Another girls' weekend (other than G!). I rented a Prius so I could ecologically cover alot of ground in just a few days. (Always rent your "dream car" when you can...kinda like a test drive!)

I stayed in L and Gs' adorable little guest house surrounded by orange trees. What fun it was to see them and LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH.

I hit the Farmer's Market for dinner at Monsieur Marcel (Croque Monsieur, a grilled artichoke and creme brulee ooh la la!) with Ms. C. After dinner we did some shopping at the Grove and at the Taschen Store ( check out LDA taken by Daddy on the pages of their brand new LA book) and played tourist in front of the dancing waters.

I loved my first visit to the new (since we lived in LA) Getty Center's amazing gardens with L (we got their JUST before the rains began!). Does it look a bit like an insane asylum!?

I brought a bunch of lovely girlfriends from my various "lives" together for a leisurely Sunday lunch at El Cholo (carnitas...ymmm!) and spent Monday morning and a Chin Chin lunch (chinese chicken salad!) with D and TR on Beverly Drive. And Monday afternoon snug in the Westside Pavillion for a matinee of A Single Man with L. What a treat! Just the thing for a holiday Monday. I ended my visit with a yummy Persian feast (almond and orange peel rice and a chicken kabob and all sorts of salads and relishes...mmmm!) with L & G at Javan on the Westside.

After my little vacation weekend in LA I traveled down to Newport Beach for four days of biz and never ending rain. I've never ever ever ever seen such rain. But check out the snow peaked hills behind LAX on Saturday morning as i was leaving. That would have been a glorious site to see from Beverly Hills or Hollywood!

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