03 February 2010


Three quick pix from the grounds of the Newport Beach biz hotel i stayed at during my recent rainy visit to SoCal. It's The Real Housewives of Orange County season on TV so i couldn't help think of those oh-so-trashy women when i saw this little grove of fabulous artsy stoned ladies on the hotel grounds! Who knew you'd ever come across crafty objets like this on the grounds of a Hyatt!?

When i think of Orange County i don't think about crafts, art and style. But i must admit i also fell for the spectacular lighting at delicious Javier's. You can't really see their fabulousness from the pic...but check out those oh so cool metal fire towers out front!
And the twinkly cut tin lanterns in the entry way were spectacular.

All pix in tonite's three post taken with my iPhone...thus the fuzzy resolution!

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Tink said...

I miss you!!!!