16 May 2010


It's been months and months since i've posted. If i ever get the time, i'll do some retro-posting featuring a lovely Lanesville Easter, some recent completed craft projects (i've been jamming!) and more. But til then...here's a look at back at yesterday.

It was girls day out. Along with Mom and the Aunties I covered alot of ground in Rockport on the Cottages & Castles house tour...most of it by foot. It's been a spectacular weekend....blue sky, puffy white clouds and brilliant sunshine! We saw some great houses (indoors and out)...and on the walk from house to house along South Street, Marmion Way and beyond we saw a few other gems from the sidewalk!

I don't think I'd ever want strangers traipsing thru my house...but i must admit that I love attending house tours. (Next month is Gloucester's home & garden tour in support of the Sargent House...always a fabulous day too!) I always come away inspired...inspired to keep a cleaner/neater house. Inspired to make our garden even better. Inspired by color and style! Inspired to de-clutter. Yesterday a hanging embroidered quilt in one house inspired me to try something similar when i got to Squam Art Workshops and try my hand at embroidery for the very first time. We saw a fabulous little potting shed/room with a snug little hut for a pup. I am inspired to go hunting for fabulous fabric. And someday i want a little art studio/music room for our backyard.

We were able to walk thru new houses, old houses, big huge waterfront houses, and an old barn that used to be an art studio (complete with an amazing big huge stained glass window) but which is now a lovely little home for a family of three. One house had a fabulous game room complete with its own indoor hot tub and tiled beach!

Cottage & Castles is an annual fundraiser for The Rockport Chamber Music Festival. This summer (next month!) is the opening of their fabulous new world class music hall that will surely put Cape Ann on the music map...if it isn't already! Even with the new music hall, Rockport is quintessential small-town America... american flags, lemonade stands, cute little puppies, front porches, windowboxes...and working lobstermen!

Hey...i cannot forget the flowers and trees...tulips, wisteria, golden chaintree...and then some. Blooms everwhere. Oh how i adore Spring!

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