02 January 2010


Happy New Year! Happy New Decade!
Keep Calm and Carry On shall be my #1 resolution for the new year. #2 is to drop another two dress sizes. A year ago i resolved to lose 70 pounds. I'm a mere ten pounds-ish away. I'll get there soon.

I have lost lots and lots of inches and let's just say that there are a lot of old blue jeans in the Goodwill pile! I've treated myself to almost an entire new wardrobe. It feels good! It's been a long while since i've followed thru on a resolution. So please wish me luck with my two resoultions as I embark on this new decade!

The little painting in this shot is just one of my many "ornaments" from the annual Black Friday Rockport Art Association sale. They are all beautiful and all unique and so much fun to revisit every holiday season. I have a 50/50 mix of holiday themed vs year-round so many stay out throughout the year.

The angel topper atop our little faux tree is from my parent's collection. She must be over fifty by now...and she still looks beautiful. It's a great treat to unwrap my vintage ornaments every holiday season. What memories!

Today, January 2nd...i'm lovingly wrapping them back up. It's time to put Xmas behind us...and start the new year fresh. A good project for a snowy day!

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