28 December 2009


New York City, the weekend of December 11th 2009, --featuring Deb, Lucy, Jean and me--and other wonderful gals from MPS '76 (and '75!)

What a special weekend of friendship. Back in the Spring we planned this NYC f pre-holiday girls weekend. In from Indiana, Maryland, Maine and Massachusetts--we gathered to honor Deb's fortitude and to remember her beloved Jon. We traveled by train, plane and bus (pre-snowstorm!) to gather for 2-1/2 days of heavy duty conversing, touristing and partying with old friends. It was a weekend of rememberance. We've known each other for more than thirty years but can count on one hand the times we've seen each other since 1976--so lot's to catch up on. We covered it all.

It was a very busy weekend of laughter complete with a complimentary cheese platter, a birthday toast and a yummy cake from the Cupcake Cafe. We were bedecked with daisies and moose (you'd have to have been there to understand why!)

Lots of walking--and not a lot of sleep. A little bit of shopping. Glorious holiday sights and sounds. We hit alot of the landmarks! A quick cabbage soup lunch at the Stage Deli. Exotic samosas, naan, curries and more (with lots of wine!) while serenaded by a sitar at Raj Mahal on the Lower East Side. Jean arranged a spectacular three-room suite for us at the Sheraton. We ended our first day with late night cocktails at the (revolving) View atop the Marriott Marquis. We even witnessed a very romantic on-bended-knee marriage proposal on the ice in front of the twinkly Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. We loved Saks' "dancing" starlight facade. We were entertained by glorious store windows on Fifth--especially the jewel-enhanced laser-cut paper decorations at Tiffany and the Fantastic Mr. Fox themed windows of the Bergdorf Goodman's Mens Store It was a very chilly walk thru Central Park but we loved it. We made a brief stop in Strawberry Fields just days after the 29th anniversary of John Lennon's death, and we strolled down my old turf, Columbus Avenue.

We were very lucky to have reservations for brunch at the over-the-top Crystal Room at Tavern on the Green just weeks before its historic last call. And what a treat it was to be hosted by Liz for an elegant Saturday evening at her palatial Upper Westside apartment with Doreen, Hatsy, Jamie and Lisa in attendance. Margaret called. Lili sent a gift.


...note to self--in 2010 i must learn how to post photos in chron order--and with captions below.

Notes from the Tavern on the Green website that describe the opulence we were lucky to see;

Described as a "gorgeous and glorious wonderland," Tavern on the Green has six spectacular dining rooms and three exquisite gardens. With its "rustic baroque" decor, Tavern is full of whimsical ornamentation in a woodsy setting. Tavern also makes use of light - in mirrors and crystal, sunlight and moonlight pouring through huge windows, and flickering light from candles and chandeliers.

Tavern on the Green has a total of 45 chandeliers, made from more than 15,000 pieces of crystal. The 16 stained glass chandeliers in the corridors, Chestnut and Rafters rooms were designed by Warner LeRoy and made under his supervision in various workshops.

There are 14 sandblasted and etched mirrors, designed by Warner LeRoy and made by the famous Sheft Brothers of Bronx, New York.

Warner LeRoy also designed the 38 carved puntice mirrors that capture the light throughout the restaurant. Also known as "bulls eye" mirrors, they were popular in England in the 17th Century.

There are 24 copper and gold-leaf weathervanes made in 1976 by hammering from original 18th Century molds. The molds have since been lost, making these weathervanes quite rare.

The brass and copper wall sconces were made using the lost "wax method", cast and molded in a wax and dipped. The wooden wall sconces were designed by LeRoy and hand-carved.

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sara_pressey said...

were u at rockefeller center dec 23rd this yr? i see u have a proposal on ice...do you have another one btwn the hours of 8pm-93om pm...not a privare skate session.i hope you do! please email me at sara_pressey@hotmail.com.