16 May 2010


Okay...full disclosure...i've lived outside of Boston for a long long time. I worked in Boston's North End for over five years. Until a sunny Sunday in April, I never set foot into the Old North Church. That's probably not a big deal for most people...but it's kind of embarrassing for me. My great-grandfather Reverend William Herbert Dewart was rector at the Old North Church for many years (1914-26) and the church has long been an important part of my family's spiritual life.

We took my mom into Boston to see Stars on Ice...and decided to spend a few hours beforehand playing tourist in the North End...Copp Hill, Old North Church, Hanover Street, Cafe Florentine, and Mike's Pastry, What a lovely little stay-cation..with a little bit of heritage, history and religion thrown in. Not to mention a delicious lunch followed by treats and world-class figure skaters at the end of the day! And we couldn't have chosen a more beautiful day right at the peek of forsythia and magnolias!
(pardon the order of the photos...i just cannot figure out how to get them in sequence!)

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