12 July 2010


The face of our Virginia family has changed alot in less than a year and half. In the Spring of 2009 we lost Robert's sister Kathy and last week we lost his father at age 89-1/2. The exact same age as my Dad when he passed away in 2006. Like my Dad, Ed served his country proudly in WWII, and until the month of his death he never left the home Robert, Steve and Kathy grew up in. He was a wonderful man and we will miss him.

We've just returned from VA, and on Saturday nite before we left we all gathered to have dinner in Richmond. There are two empty spots at the table now...but we all hold Kathy and Ed close in our hearts.

An interesting side note...it's not often that I'm one of the shortest in a large group!

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Jill said...

So sorry for your sorrows... So lovely to see the family together. Thanks for the picture! See you manana at the shawl workshop!