22 July 2010


Today, Evie, the matriarch of our family passed away. She wasn't our grandmother. But she was. She had no children. But she had us. And we had her...in our lives forever. Until today. She will be missed immensely by me and my cousins, my Mom and her sibs, and by so many others. She was inspiration to each and every one of us. She was glamorous. She was a career woman. She had a fabulous sense of humor and loved to travel the world. She loved her extended family...and we loved her. She loved Welsh Rarebit and the Ritz Bar. She loved bright colors and fitness. She loved Boston. She took me to meet Julia Child the year I moved to Boston from LA. We could all count on Evie to tell us stories about our family way back when. There's no one left who knows those stories first hand. But tonite she's with Walter after so many years apart and there's certainly a big smile on her face.

As I looked thru pix to find the last one I ever took of Evie (actually RK took it--a bit over a year ago--before i lost all my weight) i also came across a nice pic of Robert with his beloved Dad and sister Kathy taken at a family reunion several years ago. And then I came across a photo of our dear friend John who passed away late last year. These photos help keep our memories alive. I have zillions of pix of Evie which show her in her usual glamorous state, but alas, they're not digital and I don't have a scanner. Someday i'll figure out a way to post those pix. She deserves better than this pic in a wheelchair and velour suit.

RIP dear Evie, John, Kathy and Ed. We love you. XO

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GreenPea said...

Thanks, Mary. This is lovely, and very poignant. I'm sorry they are no longer here to see their own descriptions. Px