08 August 2010


Big smiles before the race!

Our running Mayor!
Cousin AJ in blue and yellow shined bright all day!!
EB's fan club!
AJ's biggest fan!
My two heros!
AJ reaches the finish line in style!

I've always wanted to congratulate our Mayor, Carolyn Kirk, on a job well done and today i finally got the opportunity to tell her i'm her biggest fan.

Men in Plaid!

Don't worry...i didn't compete! I'm a gym rat these days but there's no way i could do a triathlon...bum knee or not. But I am in awe of my cousin and my friend who competed with style, grace and courage. I'm in awe of our fabulous mayor, Carolyn Kirk, who competed in the running portion. In fact, I'm in awe of everyone who competed...teenagers, old folks, military men and women and everyone else. But let's not forget that i'm especially proud of AJ and EB! They rocked it in the Women > 40 division! You go girls!!! It was a bit tough to drag our lazy bodies out of bed at such an early hour on a Sunday to go downtown and watch but we're really glad we did. Glosta...you did a darn good job putting on a good show! Kudos to all. I love it here all the time...but on days like this I'm especially proud to be a Glosta Girl!

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