05 December 2010


Christmas is 20 days away but we've already had two Santa sightings! Yesterday in Rockport. Today in Gloucester! All we needed was snow!

The dude in the Bearskin Neck window above was holding up a sign that said "moron". Scrooge! Bah humbag to you old man!Waiting for Santa's arrival by boat with a three year old (almost...her bday is on Xmas Day!) is very exciting!
The sun shone bright as soon as Santa's boat pulled up to Motif #1. Check him out at the stern.
Big fat Santa had to climb a ladder to get ashore!
And he traveled to Dock Square in a vintage firetruck....in a parade led by little scouts.
THE PROPOSAL was filmed in Rockport...but it was filling in for Sitka Alaska!
Lots of people, lots of cocoa as we all waited for the lighting of the tree in Dock Square.
What fun to be with BBB, EB, CW and JB---and singing carols while awaiting the lighting of the spectacular Dock Square tree!Santa left Dock Square in Rockport right before the tree was lit-but today he resurfaced a few miles down the road and JoJo got to meet him at Cape Ann Animal Aid's little fundraiser at the new Ace Hardware in Gloucester Crossing! She loves everyone-but she didn't love Santa! (i just realized i have not blogged about JoJo yet-eegads-i've got some catching up to do so i can introduce our new pup! We adopted her on Labor Day!)

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