28 April 2009


By the end of this week dogs will be banished from our local Cape Ann beaches until Fall. Altho' our pups ADORE the beach this is probably a good thing, since once the summer beachgoers come back to Good Harbor Beach, Phoebe and Scrappy find it necessary to check out every picnic, and knock down (and pee on) every sand castle. They love to jump on little kids, and chase after every beach ball too.

So this past Saturday as the mercury rose towards 80 we made one of our final (official) beach visits of the season along with NM, MA, AA, and LDA..and Rascal!

Even tho' it was a hot and sunny day, we were at Good Harbor after 6pm so it was getting a bit chilly...hence RK and NM's long sleeves. Baby A had been to the beach with us about a month ago, but that day he faced into Dad's tummy while riding in the Baby Bjorn. This time he faced outwards and loved the waves.

The tide was very low and the sky was a bit foggy...but we could still get a great view of the Twin Lights and there were lots of folks walking out to Salt Island!

After our beach walk we made our first visit of the year to The Lobster Pool. Yummm. As the other MA said..."it's like being on vacation!"

Our Spring weekend was topped off with breakfast outside on the porch at Sailor Stans on Sunday. It doesn't get much better than this!

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