11 May 2009


This June I'm running away for a few days all by myself. I'm not going far. I'm only drivinng two hours from Cape Ann. But i'm going somewhere I've never been before...to an arts workshop! Wow.

RK and I will have the rest of our Cape Ann summer together, and a few days in Wellfleet too. But at the beginning of June (and actually in mid-September too) I'm running away to Squam Art Workshops. I am counting down the days. I'm going to tap into my inner-creative-self and enjoy lakeside living with a fabulous group of (mostly) strangers. I'm doing this solo. No best friend alongside me to protect me. No phones, no computers, no TV, no traffic. Instead...I'll be accompanied by my sewing machine, knitting needles, creative energies, and music and I'll be meeting up with a great group of crafting soul sisters...all on the banks of Squam Lake. It's going to be like the sleep away camp i never went to! I'll be in a little cabin with a roomate and cabin mates. We'll all eat in the dining hall (all locally grown organic food!) Bliss! A million miles from home...yet only two hours away by VW Bug.

I am scheduled to take two all-day sewing classes from Catherine Slye and a felting class from Betz White. I'm hoping that I can get some knitting advice in the off hours!

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