10 June 2009


Late last nite i went down to the basement to sit on the stairs and mope about our missing kitty Frank. Robert and I had both searched the basement high and low for two days. We'd put posters all around town, and had enlisted the help of local bloggers, online forums etc to get the word out. Well, there I was sitting at the bottom of my stairs staring into space saying a little prayer asking that Frank come home...when all of a sudden there he was..walking across a ledge underneath the casement windows. He was very skittish and wouldn't come close to me for quite a while. Eventually he ventured upstairs and poked his head thru the kitty door. Then he hopped thru. He stayed away from us for a while as he investigated our torn apart downstairs (no carpets, no tiles, furniture all stacked in the living room...and a deep echo everywhere). But in the middle of the nite he came to our bed for some snuggling. Ah...Frank has returned and the world is a better place! Thank goodness!

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