21 November 2009


Again...working hard to catch up. I didn't post much over the Summer...so on this (actually rather pretty and warm) November day I'm going to look back pictorially at some of the highlights of our Summer 09--days and nites spent on Cape Ann, Cape Cod and in Stone Ridge. It was baby A's first summer. He took his first ocean swim at Plum Cove. We hit the Lobster Pool for lobsta and fried clams with each visitor from out of town...which means we went a lot...with Mar, Lynette & Grant, David and more! We adored our second summer of Farmer Dave's abundant CSA but we had our own crop of tomatoes too.  We had cut flowers from our front and back yard gardens from April til just a few weeks ago. We opened our wallets at  the Annisquam Sea Fair's plant, art and book tables. And that nite we ate lobster on the foot bridge with great friends. The Schooner Festival did not disappoint. And we had an amazing time in Wellfleet; oysters, scallops, lots of beach, the drive-in and more.  We swam in the pond in Stone Ridge, our pool, at BBB's quarry and at the beach. We showered outdoors. We threw a tented pig-roast pool party for over fifty people on THE rainiest nite of July. Our skateboarding hero cousin Walker came East on his Crabcakes & Cheese Steaks tour.  We danced and sang all nite to the tunes of Billy Joel and Elton John live at Gillette Stadium. The pups loved Cape Ann Animal Aid's Dog Day and Glen's obstacle course! We made clafoutis and frittatas for breakfasts at home, and enjoyed several breakfasts on the porch at Sailor Stans and Diva. It was a short summer. But it was a beautiful one. 

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